About Us

Have you ever shopped for supplements and found yourself confused by the numerous marketing claims and long ingredient lists? So did we. We were shocked to discover that some of our favorite brands had ingredients such as corn syrup (weight gain), soy lecithin (inflammatory), and artificial food coloring (cancerous). We wanted to change that.

Minimo was founded with the challenge to create clean nutrition that doesn't contain seed oils, added sugar, artificial sweeteners, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs). We create products that strike the optimal balance between flavor and functional benefit while using as few ingredients as possible. Our supplements are made with high-quality ingredients and manufactured in the USA.

Do you have a question or perhaps want to share your favorite protein smoothie recipe? Contact us! We love to hear from our customers. Tag us @minimonutrition on Instagram and Facebook. You can also contact us at minimonutrition@gmail.com or by using the contact form below.

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